Ready to start doing business the feminine way? Then you're in the right place! 

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And so are you! Ready to learn how to do business the feminine way? Then you're in the right place!

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Running a business does not have to be hustle, stressful or lead to burnout any longer!

Hi! My name is Aubin Palmer,  and I've learned how to use our natural FEMININE POWER to combine strategy AND intuition to create my own thriving business and help so many of my clients do so as well. 

And it's all about embodying who we are in women in business, to make it flow, fun and magnetic!

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What does doing business the feminine way even mean though?


Because business has been led by men for so long, woman are following their same patterns, but something feels off.


But it doesn’t have to be that way! Because we are different. And that’s okay! We can start doing it our own way too!

Instead of:

  • Getting leads ➡️ build relationships
  • Earning more money ➡️ Whole Wealth
  • Always competitive ➡️ Collaborate with like minded women!
  • Grind and hustle to success ➡️ align and take inspired action
  • Make sure they know you ➡️ Embody true self and magnetize
  • Market consistently ➡️ Serve with Purpose
  • Analytics tell you what to do ➡️ follow your intuition for what you and your people need today

I created I AM WOMAN

with 6 parts to make it all available to you!


Building whole wealth and a strong relationship with money breaking anything holding you back from receiving it


Seeing who you are as a CEO and taking full ownership of what's always in your power- your thoughts, feelings and actions to make anything possible and how to use your mindset to create 


Using full feminine power to create and attract clients to you with service, relationships and shining as your true self


Finding and leaning into all of your desires and believe anything you want is possible. Embracing your fear of success and seeing how to create with it, because you know you have so much to share


Having true confidence that detached from results sets you up for long term success. You see your own worth and others will too. Letting go of all imposter syndrome tendencies.

Tie it all together

We'll look at everything we covered and apply it to your business with offers, messaging, and marketing plans to make doing business in the feminine way natural for you too!

Ready to embody your feminine power in business too?

Today is the day! Let's do this!


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Calls will be all LIVE on Zoom with replays sent and access to FOREVER!

But still come live to as many calls as possible to get the chance to ask questions and receive help applying it at the end of each call. 


The 6 calls will be on:

 April 24 @ 12 pm mdt

April 25 @ 1pm mdt

April 29 @ 9:30 am mdt

May 1 @ 1 pm mdt

May 6 @ 9:30 am mdt

May 8 @12 pm mdt

What does this mean for you then?

Come to this 6 Part Masterclass and learn how to really embody your identity of being a woman in running your business!


This will make it more intutive, more about people and make it easy to create more money because you feel more authentic doing it all.


This means that you will build your business in a way that is right for you so that you can sustain the success without burning out! And ENJOY doing it!


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Brey Lawlor

Aubin’s coaching has completely transformed my life! When I started coaching with her I was extremely unsure of myself and stuck in a lot of self sabotaging patterns. She has helped me uncover, resolve, and release the things that haven’t been serving me so I can create the life that I want for myself! I have loved our time together and always look forward to our calls! Aubin is such a light and a fantastic coach and facilitator.   





Janna Hubbert

Working with Aubin as my business coach has been the best thing I could have ever done! Not just for the growth and success of my business, but also for my personal development! Aubin is an expert, she truly cares about each client, and has been able to help me solve every problem that I’ve encountered in my business. I have quadrupled my monthly income, I get to do what I love for work, and I would not be where I am without Aubin’s coaching and support!




Heather Doney

Aubin has been the best business coach! When I started working with her I was doubting my business as a health and fitness coach. She saw my potential and did not give up on me! She gave me the tools I needed to figure out what I really wanted for my business without being pushy. She also was so good about letting me voice my anxiety’s of life and certain situations and then helped me through those! I got a business and life coach in one! Without her I would have stopped health coaching altogether but she gave me suggestions of trying a new approach and that fueled me! And because of that and her believing in me, I launched a new program that’s going well! Aubin has been a great blessing to me and I’m so grateful for her!



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Everything I teach my clients,

all in one place!

I wish I had this sooner in my business, but once I embodied it all, everything became easier!

I want this for you too!


Come to I AM WOMAN and I will share it all with you in our 6 calls together!

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