As a female entrepreneur with talent and passion for your customers and your business it is your responsibility to thrive and be successful.


Money is only a concept and if you have the right mindset it can become a tool for you to do all the good in the world that you were meant to.


You determine how you act and feel, not your circumstances.


Life Coach and Mother Always

I am the mother to 3 beautiful girls that I am privileged to raise with my sweet husband Jeff. My youngest was born after I was already working from home as a Life Coach. Having her took my coaching to the next level because I really had to live the balanced life I had created before with my two older girls, to keep doing the work I love. It's working though and I have loved having the conscious thinking and tools coaching has brought to my life.


Besides being a full time mom and coach, I also enjoy working out, running, hanging with friends, shopping, and watching a fun show. I am an enneagram 3 and an extrovert, so I love all social gatherings, but still thrive sitting at home reading a book.



I was married and had two beautiful girls. I had my dream job. I had lots of friends and was pursuing passions and hobbies. Everything on the outside seemed right, but I couldn't understand why I still felt unconfident, unloved, and unhappy!

Then I discovered life coaching. It took some time but I learned that my thoughts and my emotions are not only optional but 100% in my control. I also learned to stop people pleasing and worrying about the judgement of others; how to listen to my inner voice, set boundaries, and have more confidence. This new life was too good to be true. Great things are meant to be shared and I found my greatest happiness in helping others transform and become their best selves.

Now I coach women 1:1 to help uncover unconscious thoughts and beliefs that trap and keep you from everything you want.


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"Aubin is an excellent coach! I could not recommend her more for anyone who feels they need that extra boost of confidence, a new direction in life, or to help untangle problems like scheduling or your relationships with yourself and your family. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Aubrey H.

"Aubin is the best of the best! She makes it easy to open up about any topic and she is judgment free. I learned how to change my thoughts and realize I am the person I want to be! I was taught ways to help me manage my weight and reach specific goals. I highly recommend Aubin!!"

Sharee L.