About Me

Aubin Palmer Coaching


I’m on a mission to help powerful women make more money and use it to shape a world of good.

Together, we will work towards money, mindset, and marketing mastery so you can experience financial freedom and live and give generously.

My Journey to Abundance

Growing up, I thought wanting more money meant I wasn’t grateful for what I had.

I pursued a career in nursing because I wanted a job that would let me be there for my kids and still feel like I was doing good in the world. (I really didn’t want a job that would make a lot of money, because I had a hard time believing you could make money AND be a good person.)

Through coaching, I discovered a new way of thinking.

Money isn’t evil. Money is power and freedom to create the life YOU want.

My coaching will help you establish structure and create flow in your business so you can contribute more to your family, serve your clients better, and yes, make more money!

Today, I’ve built a successful coaching business by embracing the same mindset and marketing strategies I teach my clients. I know it's possible to grow a business while raising my own family and enjoying life to the fullest because I've done it!

What will your story be?

I understand the drama around signing clients, raising your prices, and getting paid for your work, but I also know how much wealth, abundance, and gratitude is waiting for you on the other side of these fears.

Let's create a world where Power Women lead with wealth, wisdom, and generosity.

Step Forward and Shine

Unlock the Power of More Money

With my help, you can achieve these five transformative shifts in your life and business:


01. Master Your Reality 
Understand and embrace the power you have to shape your own reality—a game-changing perspective!

02. Expand Your Impact
Attract and delight more clients and customers. Enjoy serving those you love and watch your income grow as a result!

03. Find Your Tribe
Enjoy the support of a coach and a community of women who understand your business ambition, challenges, and opportunities.

04. Break Through Barriers
Breakthrough your limiting beliefs regarding money and marketing to find and use your voice in ways that resonate and captivate.

05. Create with Structure
Build a solid business foundation using your intuition and empathy so you can make more money while working less.

Signature Course


I Am Woman

6 Lessons. 1 Powerful Woman.

Learn how to do business the feminine way by understanding the principles of money, mindset, and marketing. My unique approach will introduce you to the structure, creativity, and declarations I personally use to create a business that aligns with my values and allows me to make more money, so I can serve my clients, my family, and the world.

Learn More about I Am Woman
"The time with her [Aubin] has been incredibly productive for my mindset and my business endeavors. I ended up hiring her twice for 6 month packages so far and honestly, I see no end in sight! (Hope you don’t mind haha)."

–Clara T.

"Aubin’s coaching has completely transformed my life! When I started coaching with her I was extremely unsure of myself and stuck in a lot of self sabotaging patterns. She has helped me uncover, resolve, and release the things that haven’t been serving me so I can create the life that I want for myself!"

–Brey L.

“When I started working with her [Aubin] I was doubting my business as a health and fitness coach. She saw my potential and did not give up on me! She gave me the tools I needed to figure out what I really wanted for my business without being pushy.”


–Heather D.

My Promise

I take your success seriously. Whether it's through private coaching, group programs, or just an episode of my podcast, I’m here to support you in elevating your mindset, mastering your marketing strategy, and stepping into your role as a power woman. 

Let's unlock your potential together!
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