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Ready to create the business and life you want?

Having your abundant and fulfilled life is closer than you think

Being a woman running her own business from home can easily be overwhelming. Learning to create the business you want that fits your life and helps create more fulfillment and the money you want is just what i love to help you to do. I have done this in my business for 3 years and helped so many other women and am ready to help you too!

Are You Ready For a Change?

I was married and had two beautiful girls. I had my dream job. I had lots of friends and was pursuing passions and hobbies. Everything on the outside seemed right, but I couldn't understand why I still felt unconfident, unloved, and unhappy!

Then I discovered life coaching. It took some time but I learned that my thoughts and my emotions are not only optional but 100% in my control. I also learned to stop people pleasing and worrying about the judgement of others; how to listen to my inner voice, set boundaries, and have more confidence. This new life was too good to be true. Great things are meant to be shared and I found my greatest happiness in helping others transform and become their best selves.


I coach women 1:1 to help you uncover your unconscious thoughts and beliefs that create the patterns that are trapping you and keeping you from everything you want.

I hadn't been to a life coach before coming to Aubin; but I can safely say that I'm glad I decided to go down this road. Aubin is the type of coach one might enjoy having for their entire life. Her ability to create a safe place to talk and open up is amazing. She asks great questions and gives you opportunities to grow.


She is also constantly adding to her knowledge, and her love for what she does is apparent. I can see the difference from the person I was before and who I am now because of Aubin.

Hillary H.



at The Life Coach School

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