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Empowered Women Retreat

October 5-7 in Heber Utah

by Aubin Palmer, Karina Biesinger and Trisha Biesinger

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A retreat designed for women like you ready to live life in your full power!

A respite from daily life to recharge and leave healed, enriched and empowered.

This isn't just a break but a reset!

Reset through relaxation, fun and coaching! You'll leave with a profound sense of rejuvenation after just 2 nights  at this welcoming home in Heber Utah. Our unique approach to coaching and teaching provides you a distinctive combination of healing, growth and resetting.


2 nights/1.5 days

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This empowering retreat includes:

  • healthy food for 5 meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast)

  • time to relax and enjoy optional activities ( hot tub/pickleball/fire pit/ping pong)

  • classes by 3 coaches on healing, relationships, and living your dreams as a woman

  • pilates and a sound bath

  • walk in nature

  • beautiful accommodations

All you need to figure out is how to get there!

We're giving this retreat to you for the low price of $425 

Everything else is covered and taken care of for you!

Just come and enjoy the weekend!

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Reserve your spot now!

Bedroom options

We have different bed options for you to choose from and are filling them based on who reserves a spot and claiming what you want when you do.  Simply fill in which you want when you purchase your spot.

Below are your options with some pictures of the rooms and it says how many spots are left in each at the bottom.


Oct 5
5 pm arrive
6pm dinner
7 Get to know you game

social activities ( fire pit/hot tub/ect)

Oct 6

morning hike
10am  -EFT healing with Karina
12pm lunch 
1pm -Relationships with Trisha
2:30 Pilates Stretch

4:30 pm- Living your Dreams with Aubin

6pm dinner

Sound Bath
social activities

Oct 7:

Everyone leaves by 9 am

Meet the Coaches and Practitioner

Aubin, Karina and Trisha

These are the women who will be leading the weekend and teaching and helping you personally with different planned classes and sessions 

It's time to claim your spot &
be empowered

Sign up now to make sure you can come!

We only have room for 12 guests,

and we want you as one of them!

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