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Level Up Workshop

The Level Up Workshop offers an intensive 5-day live call experience from May 15-19, designed to help you level up to be the CEO of your business and shift your belief, strategy and vision using your natural feminine energy as a woman!

Through this FREE workshop, you will gain the tools and resources to develop the mindset and skills to become a successful leader and thrive in your business today!

5 Days of 1 hour Live Calls:

This is for you!

No matter if you are just starting your business or have been doing it awhile and are making 6 figures, this workshop will serve you in fully stepping into the role of running your business with confidence, leadership, and thriving in your whole life.  And you can do it with your full feminine energy!

Business does not just have to run with masculine energy of numbers, strict methods or strategies. It can be full of creativity, flow, and intuition as well. And tapping into this balance of energy will create the empowered leader you already are, but need to level up to in order to level up your business as well.


My name is Aubin Palmer

And Im a passionate life and business coach for women! I am certified and have been practicing coaching for almost 3 years. As I have helped so many women find the energy and power to level up themselves to naturally level up their business and I am so excited to help you as well.


What does Level Up mean?

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is that it really requires you to believe in yourself and what you're doing for it to work.


This is more than just the strategy, but the self identity and energy behind what you're doing.


No one can just give that to you though. This takes the self work of leveling up and having a coach to guide you makes it so much easier and faster.


This is what I am so passionate about doing! And is what we are going to focus on these 5 days to really create the level up within you personally that you need to then level up your business as well.

So if you're ready to level up now

Sign up for this live workshop May 15-19!

All calls will be recorded and sent to you, but come live as much as possible because you will be able to talk with me and ask any questions!

And if you plan to watch the replays (available for a short time), do so right away because there will be one more bonus you can get for a short time afterwards.

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