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Female Power-
*Feminine Energy with Money*

Ready to learn how female energy

works WITH money?

It's actually much more natural than you think!

Come to my live workshop on

July 20-21 to find out!

Sign up now to come!

Stop thinking you have to run your business the way men do...
use your feminine energy, your natural power and essence,
to attract money naturally!

Everyone has natural feminine and masculine energy, but knowing how to use it and fully embody it, especially as a woman in business is not commonly known.


I want to teach you how to fully embody your feminine energy and utilize it in your business to do even better in your own natural way. 

This workshop will focus on specifically using it with money, which is a big part of why women in business are unsure, feel guilty or selfish, and stop from serving to your full capacity and expanding to exactly what you feel called to do.

Embody your feminine power more in two days

Two Days- 1 hour live zoom calls

July 20 & 21 @ 12 pm mdt

Each call will consist of teaching, questions and answers and some actual coaching at the end to help all that come live really integrate this shift into their lives and businesses. Calls will be recorded and replays sent out to all who sign up for a limited time.

Day 1

July 20-Female Energy Embodyment

We will go deep into what female energy is and how to embody it. You might be surprised where you are already doing it naturally and also where there are areas you are not, espeically in your business.

Day 2

July 21- Female energy with money

After fully understanding female energy, we will go deeper into using it to attract money, build a strong relationship with money and recognize the natural power you have as a woman in business. 

*Start using service to attract money and serve more!

*Feel good about charging high price and seeing the value!

*Love the money you have an
d see it as a tool to create more and serve more...

And it's your for free!
All you have to do is sign up below!

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