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Ambitious Women Mastermind

The place to take the power of coaching, teaching and a community of driven women to thrive in your business.

 You are important in creating the tight group of women that support each other, are always heard and known and get to rise together to reach their visions!

Reaching Out


Coaching is where you are given a space to talk about what you are feeling blocked by or how you want to create. As the coach, I ask questions to help you explore and dig deeper and find the answers you are seeking within. This helps you to shift and expand to higher self and to create what you want. Getting to be coached and see others be coached helps your mind accelerate creation and action for your business so much quicker. 

Flowers and Hand


Learning the tactical and mindset tools to thrive in your business is a huge part of this group.  Being a certified coach always seeking more learning and and running my own thriving business for 3 years, I want to share all I know with you to make your work as an entrepreneur fun and easy!

You  will know what to do and feel confident in doing it to create the thriving business you want as well!

High Fives


You've heard the idea that you're the like the 5 people you spend the most time with. But as an online entrepreneur it can be hard to always be around like minded women. Having this community with similar visions and purpose is so empowering in  really being the ambitious woman you are.  You have a place to share ideas, support and be supported and feel accountable to the the things you are wanting to create.

Imagine yourself
6 months from now...

You have really MOVED FORWARD in your business with your systems, mindset and serving more people...

You have SISTERS IN BUSINESS who support you and care

about each win you achieve...

You have had COACHING that helping you find and shift your mindset blocks, empowering you to create and level up to your true self...

You have made MORE MONEY and feel confident in who you are in your business to keep making more...

And you're doing it all in a way that fits your life and family!

What this looks like:


1 Private Coaching Call

When you sign up, I want to meet with you for a 45 min private 1:1 session to get to know you and coach you to start off with what you are struggling with and what you want to create. I'll contact you to schedule once you join!


Weekly Group Calls

We meet the first four Wednesdays of the month at 9:30 am MDT for an hour on a zoom call.

We have a different agenda

for each week:


Week 1: Accountability & Projects

Week 2: Teaching on new subject

Week 3: Deep Coaching

Week 4: Wild Card- guest speakers, more teaching, more coaching, ect


24/7 support

We have a Slack Workspace just for this group of women where you can ask questions any time during the week, get feedback, and I will send encouraging prompts from time to time to enhance the teaching for the month. You are never alone in what you're doing.


Why Join now?

You are already ambitious and driven or you wouldn't have a business. 

But it's easy to feel alone when you are an entrepreneur and having to brainstorm, decide and be accountable all by yourself can be challenging.

I remember this feeling when I started my business, 

and while I loved being in charge, I hated being alone.

That's why I created this mastermind to really serve all your needs in one place as a woman entrepreneur. 

Joining this mastermind will help you to work through any drama you're in with your business, be around other women that think like you, have new ideas and lessons to help run your business with tactical and mindset work, and a place to be accountable and get things done.

Investing in yourself and your business with this mastermind will make it easier and more empowered to reach your results.

Waiting only delays this for you!

Join today for an investment of

$2k upfront or $333/month

for a 6 month membership

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